b residence

This project is all about balance…how scale, proportion, and material affect can be paired with need, existing condition, and restraint to make this house feel more like a home, even the roof has a new color and some issues with a hail damage roof contractor.

We are adding new furniture and things to make this house feel like a home, making new windows with attractive curtains, change the door knobs, class up the closet for a walking closet, put up some art in every space, fill it with plants to improve the air quality and the aroma.

For the construction we are renewing the kitchen at it’s full range, adding a new hall that goes to a brand new bedroom to use as a guest house which has its own bathroom, small kitchen area and a space for living room furniture. For the outdoors we are making a new deck and a ranch with a pyramid looking roof with is been managed and advise from a few Roofing Companies in Phoenix.  Around it there will be a wonderful garden with lots of colorful flowers, trees and a marble fountain in the back.

These clients have a great sense of balance in their lives, and they wanted to work that into this project. Working very closely with the client, we design-built this project – managing a reasonable budget which included unique design moments – adding value to their newly purchased home as well as to their lives.

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