Rehoboth Residence

The spiral staircase for this beach house was designed and built by Point B through a combination of off-site and on-site construction. The center stringer was fabricated out of bending plywood off-site and the treads and handrails were installed on-site.

Point B designed and fabricated additional architectural elements including the kitchen, doors, and fireplace. b.Fab renovated the kitchen with new cabinetry and countertops. The fireplace facade was fabricated off-site and transported to location. The doors are a custom design and were hand-painted.

Bending plywood was wrapped and fastened around a curved frame.
Installation process of the spiral stringer.

The kitchen renovation features new cabinetry and hand-painted countertop.

Off-site fabrication for the new fireplace facade.

Design goals were to re-establish the character of the house as a simple bungalow with a few punch up moments. 

Custom b.Fab doors throughout the house are painted to fit with the environment.