The primary goal of this project is to house the owner’s private art collection in a dynamically changing landscape environment – responding to changes and creating temporal associations between the interior content and the exterior environment. The project is driven by phenomenological and material pursuits at many scales and time spaces simultaneously.

The project was developed using parametric modeling software which enabled Point B to iterate and estimate cost quickly. In addition to the benefit of working through many designs in an evolutionary manner, construction details for general contractors could be generated in sync with the modeling process. Spreadsheets involving the multi-variable geometry then allowed for many of the parts to be digitally fabricated in China, India, and Philadelphia and transported to the location for assembly.

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Views of the gallery exterior through the changing seasonal conditions.

Exterior view from the SE

View from the NE

Views of the gallery interior. The custom mesh armature designed and fabricated by Point B supports floating wall panels to display the artwork.
Views of the stairway leading to the upper gallery.
Views of the upper gallery which houses b.Fab stools, systems management cabinetry, and wet bar.