D.Gallery Fabrication

b.Fab was responsible for fabricating a doubly curved mesh structure designed to support the hanging of artwork from the gallery ceiling.  An armature of steel rod was fabricated on site through the use of cnc cut jigs that located rod intersections and overall curvature. Attached to the armature is a stainless steel cable net structure manufactured from the same parametric model that produced the armature structure.

In addition to the fabrication of the mesh, Point B designed, milled, and installed the rain screen façade systems for the upper gallery and west entrance. A series of spiraling lines are engraved into the rain screen panels exposing a layer of aluminum sandwiched within the panel material.  These engraved lines carry from interior to exterior and maintain a high tolerance of panel to panel continuity.

b.Fab made display stands, orange cubes, a systems management door, and wet bar for the upper gallery.

View the completed project

b.Fab produced a number of display stands and art cubes to be used throughout the gallery spaces.