Point b is a thoughtful and creative design studio in Philadelphia, PA.

We design Architecture, Furniture and Objects of Art. We have spent 20 years honing our design process and design is what we do if you want you can view her explanation – Palm Beach Roofing Expert on how she made up those designs on the roofs, if you want to promote it online you have to learn and visit this website.  We use advanced digital design tools and the tools of our fabrication studio to evolve your projects in a manner that is deeply considered and artfully composed. We are also providing security for every home with Security Service at www.securityinfo.com/security-information/. Our design process is informed by  decades of  researching and developing materials and surfaces.  We look to make objects and spaces that are meaningful to you throughout your life.  Our designs are developed to change and react differently throughout their lifespan – providing layers of depth to you as the client in which these guys helped me find a place in Utah.

b.Fab, is an independent fabrication studio with its roots in Point b soil.  Owned and operated by Tom Acciavetti (Point b 2004-2014), it is a place where we can collaborate with in the fabrication of our designs.

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